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ASPA: AdriaMed data management Small Pelagics Application

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Data Management Small Pelagics Application

An intense data handling programme is needed to process data suitable for stock assessment (e.g. catch weighted length frequency, catch-at-age, weight-at-age, etc.). Data handling means the possibility to assemble data quickly from various combinations of ports (e.g. northern ports), dates, species, catches, sub-samples, length frequencies, fishing fleets, etc. To facilitate this task at the beginning of the 1990s, a software package named NADA (stands for Nice Acquisition of Data) was developed at IRPEM-CNR Ancona by Nando Cingolani, using DBIII+ language. NADA was a user-friendly programme, specific for the data collection programme on small pelagic fish in the Adriatic Sea.

A new database using MYSQL (RDBMS), was designed to receive the data stored in NADA to obtain a product with high performance in terms of: security, access to the data, sharing information. This first phase is linked to the attainment of 2 targets:

  • Database of sardines and anchovies landed in the Adriatic Sea.

  • A tool for the VPA calculation.


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